What’s the big deal about blogging???

Yea you heard me right. After all what I know about blogging is from my own perception. Perception is the most reliable source of knowledge. All I know about blogging is that people write some stupid pieces of text and get a link of to spread to all their friends. Close to spamming, I guess. You must also have experienced this sort of spamming. Of course you have, how else would you have arrived to my blog otherwise. Don’t be so happy, it means you are also a part of this crime, don’t you know spamming is a crime? Well we both are criminals in that case. I guess there are enough criminal laws in India to state every person a criminal. We have homosexuality, selling and buying pornography and many victimless acts that don’t even bother anyone, all of them stated crimes. Long live the Indian secularism according to which polygamy is crime for a man and nothing close to bad for another man. Hmmm… I am not bad at this blogging bullshit (bullshit blogging). In fact its fun. Now I understand what a criminals feels about crime. Let me warn you people “CRIME IS not FUN”. This reminds me of those funny warning boards with “not” and/or “do not” written in a font different from the rest of the message. So different a font that people ignore them while they read the rest of the message. I remember how confused i felt reading DO not TRY THIS AT HOME” and “do not PUT YOUR HANDS BETWEEN THE LIFT DOORS”. I mean “Why the hell are you so interested in killing me!”. Now i have spoken a lot about those whom we do not speak about. So I’ll stop speaking about them whom we do not speak about before they whom we do not speak about know about me speaking about them whom we do not speak about.

21 thoughts on “What’s the big deal about blogging???

  1. Well this definitely is the most bull shit amount of crap I have read… Totally retard theory on how I am

  2. hey Ishaan,
    All in good spirits and no intention of harming any personal feelings (or in that case breaking your left hand …hehe… ), I shall say that your ideas here are not very reasonable, and that seasoning at the last only worsens the situation. Nevertheless, your ideas “may” seem appealing in some perspectives (though this ‘may’ is a very far fetched one), but your style of writing is good to make up for the loss of substance in your post.

  3. to mess up your situation, you’ve used the same bullshit blogging (by your perception) to spread your bullshit perception!!!!!!! LOL!!
    P.S: don’t take it hard!!!

  4. Hmmm….
    You started right, but you eventually got to the wrong conclusion…
    Good blogs have become exceptionally rare since it (blogging) became widely popular.

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